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You can't remember when you came out of your mothers womb, but can remember the first time you learned about photosynthesis. When you are a child, time is not your priority, neither is making memories. Growing up is understanding that you don't choose to make memories, they just happen. I remember having different babysitters from time to time. I would play Pacman on my silver flip phone without having a single care in the world. Looking back at your childhood is the most comfortable feeling ever, sometimes hard, but the good still always overcame the bad. I will never forget the first time I tied my shoes. I don't remember how old I was, but I recall it was around when I was four. I was so excited about tying them, though I probably didn't do it right since I was so young.

During my early stages of childhood, I grew up with lots of animals and with my family around me all the time. Something I continue to be grateful for. In middle school I remember starting to feel self conscious of my appearance, that's when my mental health started to spiral. The thing is, I had never learned about mental health, therefore I was a bit uneducated when I started struggling. During the beginning, I was extremely confused and thought something was wrong with me. Then, boom, high school hit me square in the face. In elementary, I always wondered how I would be when I was older, well here I am. I am proud of myself for making it this far. People ask me what keeps me going at my lowest point and all I can really say is, it's the child inside of me. Amidst another year of highschool, I'm still struggling. However, everyday gets easier and better. One random day in September, someone had caught my attention. “Um, excuse me, Can you hold this for me?” they said. Those nine words turned into a long term relationship. It really made me wonder, what if I had declined? It's crazy how it's the little things that can turn into something worthwhile and impactful. You can make memories but sometimes they make themselves.

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