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Mayfair vs La Mirada

On October 7, Mayfair’s football team faced a home game against one of their biggest rivals, The La Mirada Matadors. The game ended with Mayfair victorious with a 16 to 14 win, and as the points convey, the game was tough from start to finish.

The stadium was filled to the brim on both sides. Parents, cheerleaders and students were fully decked out in all pink, in honor of breast cancer awareness month. Additionally, the Mayfair Cheerleaders had help on the sidelines from younger cheerleaders they connected with through their cheer camp, hosted the week prior.

In the first quarter neither team scored, but they were found in each other's 20 yard line multiple times. This quarter also included a impressive 31 yard pass by #2, quarterback Evan Tomich, to #44, Leroy Palu. The second quarter was more intense, especially since Mayfair scored a 20 yard touchdown pass thrown by #2, Evan Tomich, to #24, Max Mitchell, in the first 5 minutes of the quarter. The score made by kicker, Mercedes Sibrian, was excellent and changed the score to 7 for Mayfair to 0 for La Mirada. With a minute left, Mayfair was able to make a field goal, ending the half at 10 points for Mayfair and 0 for La Mirada.

During halftime the Mayfair Marching Corps put on a full show including props and colorguard being in full costume. They were ready to host the band competition the next day, also to be hosted at Ron Yary Stadium. The remaining time of halftime was used to honor the seniors in both marching band and colorguard. For colorguard, the seniors are Kayla Chavez, Sebrina Jensen and Sa’sha Scott. In the marching band Adrian Alvarado, Alyssa Baiza, Joshua Bowline, Zanica Burrell, Isaiah Floyd, Reagan Foster, Dae Janae Hannah, Theresa Hensgen, Cesar Martinez, Eduardo Martinez, Mackenzie Marker, Angelina Perez, AJ Ramirez and Kameryn Watkins.

The third quarter began with a few very good tackles and defensive plays by Mayfair. It kept La Mirada at bay and at 0 points for most of the quarter, until La Mirada, once again, got into the Mayfair 20 yard line and were able to make a rushing touchdown. Leaving the score 10 to Mayfair and 7 to La Mirada. With a few minutes left on the clock, Mayfair’s quarterback #2, Evan Tomich, ran a 63 yard touchdown with the help of his lineman who cleared the way for him. The quarter ended with Mayfair leading by 16 points and La Mirada at 7.

The last quarter was the most intense because despite Mayfair leading by 9 points, La Mirada was quickly catching up to them. In the first 5 minutes, La Mirada was able to score a thrilling touchdown on Mayfair and score the follow up point for the kick. This meant that there was now only a 2 point difference between the teams with 10 minutes left. This showcased the abilities of Mayfair’s defense under pressure, where they kept La Mirada from scoring. For the time left in, they were mostly within the Mayfair 20 yard line. Everyone on the Mayfair side were able to breathe a sigh of relief when La Mirada, with a bit under 2 minutes left, chose to go for a field goal and missed it. This meant it was Mayfair’s ball and they kept it safe for the remainder of the game, thus ending the game 16 Mayfair - 14 La Mirada.

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