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Mayfair vs. Huntington Beach High Football Game

The Mayfair Monsoons were coming off of being the suburban league champions last year and starting off this season in a new league. The first game of the season was a non-league game at Mayfair home stadium. The game was against the Huntington Beach High School Oilers in which Mayfair lost 13 to 20. But Mayfair fought to the very end, even scoring a touchdown in the last minute of the game.

The game started off with the Monsoons receiving the ball but not much else happened in the 1st quarter except that Mayfair fumbled the ball leading to Huntington receiving it. The start of the 2nd quarter started with not much happening except for a fumble by Huntington leading to Mayfair receiving it. Then with two long passes made by the Mayfair quarterback, Mayfair was at the 1 yard line. Then Mayfair quarterback threw the touchdown pass to #8 Jaiden Tanner with around 45 seconds left of the second quarter. Then Mayfair tried for the field goal but missed leaving the score 6 Mayafair - 0 Huntington. It was a Huntington ball, but during one of their passes it got intercepted by one of Mayfair players leading to the end of the 1st half.

During the Halftime show the Monsoon Marching Corp along with Color Guard took the field and performed their show called the Metroplex. Mayfair Cheers were on the sidelines hyping the crowd up. In that crowd, Mayfair had a massive student section in attendance, who also during halftime played music and dance for entertainment.

At the start of the third quarter, the kick off went to Huntington and they made two passes. One of which got them to Mayfair’s end zone and the second one they made a touchdown with. They then tried for a two point conversion but failed, making the score 6-6. It was Mayfair’s ball but they punted it to Huntigton which led to Hungtion making a 49 yard pass into a touchdown. Huntington also tried for the field goal after and made it. Making the score 13 Huntington - 6 Mayfair. With 3 minutes left nothing else really happened.

The final quarter, Huntington was in possession of the ball at some point but then threw an interception which led to Mayfair receiving the ball. Mayfair quarterback threw a long pass that got them inside Huntington’s end zone. However, as Mayfair went to make the run/pass they fumbled it and Huntington then recovered it. After 2 minutes Mayfair had the ball but when they made a pass, it got intercepted. Then, when there was 5 minutes left Hungtion got an interception which they ran with and made a touchdown and they scored the field goal. Making the score 20 Hungtition - 6 Mayfair. With one minute left, Mayfair quarterback #2 Evan Tomich threw a 15yd to #21 scoring a touchdown. And Mayfair made the field goal with under a minute left. Which ended the game with 13 Mayfair - 20 Huntington.

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