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Mayfair v. Norwalk: A Tough Fight

On January 25, the boys soccer game against Norwalk challenged Mayfair, but they did not give up. The first half was spent almost entirely on the defensive except for some strong tries that were unfortunately unsuccessful like a promising run down the field by junior Omar Mercado, and a pass to sophomore Adoniyah Aemiro, but the shot was no good. And a strong start by goalie, senior Everardo Morales who threw the ball to mid-field to captain and senior Gerson Rivera, who took a shot but was blocked by their goalie. Norwalk managed to score two goals in the first half despite a great save by Morales that ended in an injury and a good run and shot by senior Gabriel Guerra.
A common mistake by Mayfair in the first half was offensive players dribbling but not passing, and lacking communication on the field such as calling out places or when they were open. However, they made up for it in the second half. They also amped up their energy in the second half after having time to reflect.
Even with high energy from Mayfair, an attempt from Norwalk scored them a point from a side kick but it was quickly answered. Senior Adrian Castillo scored Mayfair’s first goal with the help of senior Raul Cardona. Norwalk realized the energy from Mayfair and their comeback and swapped a few players who soon added another two goals. Another goal was then made by Mayfair after Castillo passed to senior Kyle Bill with a high kick to the right top of the goal.
Despite numerous attempts by Mayfair, they were unable to make any more goals resulting in the game ending in Norwalk winning, 4-2.
Cardona, an offensive winger, shared that for their next and last home game he will, “Give it 110% since its the last one, the last dance.” He shared that his memories of playing for Mayfair will stick with him even as he attempts to go pro through a local college: “I’ll remember all the good times I have had with my teammates and the coach, just playing the game I love.”
Freshman Aldo Ramirez, a center-mid offensive player, showcased his skills on the field and shared that he has been playing since he was three years old. He explained,, “We're in a tough situation to make CIF, we need to have more energy and we're going to.”
Mayfair’s next – and last – home game will be against La Mirada on February 1.

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