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Mayfair's Newest Nurse

Ms. Daisy is our afternoon nurse in the health office who started with us this January! She came to us after 15 hard-working years in the dental field. Unfortunately, Ms. Daisy was laid off from her management job due to Covid but feels it was for the best, as it allowed her to spend time with her 6-year-old son, Lucas. However, when it became time for Lucas to start school she decided it was time for her to start looking for positions in the district. She’s covered elementary schools before, but couldn’t fully enjoy it because,“They couldn’t tell you what was wrong and I didn’t get many students.”

While it is a struggle because of the fakers, she doesn’t feel as alone anymore as she sees at least 12 students a day. She states, “I like fast-paced work, it’s what I’m used to.” Now she has plenty of company and a schedule she loves because she's still able to spend a lot of time with Lucas, “It worked out perfectly. Now we’re off the same holidays and I don’t have to worry about a babysitter.” Aside from her son, she has a loving husband who she grew up with in Bellflower, until they got married on 9/10/11 and moved to Long Beach near the water. She lives in Lakewood now, but still enjoys taking Lucas to the aquarium. Ms. Daisy enjoys crafting in general, but designing tumblers in specific, and outdoor fitness. Her favorite place to work out is Signal Hill, where she got her engagement photos taken.

Although she went to Bellflower High School, she’s happy to be here at the campus her husband went to, which she may favor a little more. She has a few struggles with students faking ailments, but overall Ms. Daisy is well adjusted and happy on campus so far.

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