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Mayfair's New Caring Connections Case Manager

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Mayfair welcomes the new Caring Connections case manager, Mrs. Edna Amezcua. There are plenty of roles for the position she has. Caring Connections is a non-profit organization which has agencies that dedicate themselves to helping the community. Specifically the children and families are the ones they focus on helping. When asked about her role as the new staff for Caring Connections, Mrs. Amezcua replied, “My role is to facilitate and support resources and referrals to our community”. This could include support resources such as academic support, basic needs, Medi-cal INS enrollment, vision services and mental health referrals. This makes Mrs. Amezcua’s new position at Mayfair important, especially having so many roles. Mrs. Amezcua was previously a Caring Connections member for Craig Williams Elementary. When asked what made Mrs. Amezcua decide to come to Mayfair, she responds,“I am here at MHS because of a tenure promotion”. She was promoted to a higher position because of her display of commitment to her job. Mrs. Amezcua coming to Mayfair is admirable because we know she will handle her new position well. She said that if she had a backup job, she would want to be a teacher. This shows that she enjoys working in school environments. Although Mrs. Amezcua didn’t face many struggles on her journey to becoming the new Mayfair Caring Connections member, she states, “... the ones I experienced have taught me a lot about myself and I’ve been able to grow stronger as a person.” She’s able to persevere through her difficulties and learn lessons from them. When asked if there’s anything else that should be known about her, she stated, “What you should know about me is that I take my position seriously and that when I’m working I give 100%. I love my job!” We gladly welcome Mrs. Amezcua to the Mayfair community as the Caring Connections case manager.

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