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Mayfair's New and Returning Staff

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Mr. Vo
Mr. Vo, Mayfair graduate in the class of 2002, came back to the school to teach after 13 years of teaching at Bellflower High School. He currently teaches Chemistry after previously teaching Biology as well as Chemistry, and is also the Tennis Coach. After getting his education from the University of Santa Barbara, he received his teaching credentials and Master’s degree at California State University of Long Beach. While attending college, he had two jobs and decided he wanted to become a teacher when he realized how much he loved the gratification of helping kids while tutoring. Since then, he has a daughter that is now 3 years old and loves to play tennis and basketball outside of school.

Mrs. Chavez
After playing basketball and softball in her high school years, Mrs. Chavez became a P.E. Coach at Mayfair for 7th-12th grade after teaching for several years prior, including her last 15 years at Bellflower High School. She attended the University of Southern California for her undergraduate, and received two master’s degrees at Long Beach State University, and University of Pennsylvania all in Physical Education. After previously majoring in kinesiology, she realized she wanted to teach P.E. She has a passion for teaching at Mayfair and said she has been wanting to teach here because of her many friends and longing to be a part of the Monsoon Family. When she's not teaching you can find her playing golf or watching crime dramas!

Mrs. Foote
Once a Monsoon always a Monsoon! Mrs. Foote taught at Mayfair for 20 years, teaching business education for 4 years, and math classes ever since. After going to school for business at Cal State University Northridge and working in financial services, she realized she wasn't doing what she wanted. Watching her mom teach while growing up, she wanted nothing to do with the art, but eventually found a love for it and went back to school for her teaching credential. After six years at Mayfair, she resigned and intended to never teach again and go back into the business world, but after a long journey of searching, all the signs in her life brought her back to teaching. She has taught at Los Flores independent school, where she monitored history, science and math. However, now she has returned to Mayfair, where she belongs and started teaching 7-8 Math Support and Enrichment.

Mr. Yanes
After teaching for the past 12 years, Mr. Yanes has arrived at Mayfair thanks to other teacher friends and a lucky opportunity. He teaches math 7 and co-teaches IM2 with Mr. Rodriguez. He loves teaching both middle and high school. He attended National University to get his teaching credential and his degree in communications. Mr. Yanes has taught at multiple places since. He taught in the Hawthorn School district as a bilingual aid, middle school English at Downey High School, and as a special education instructor at Compton High School. He has also served in the U.S. Army for 4 years and was stationed in Germany when the Berlin Wall collapsed. He loves spending time with his family and 2 sons outside of school!

Coach Palacios
Mayfair alumni Coach Palacios teaches ESports at Mayfair after developing and implementing the gaming platform in 2018 with Mr. Kaliponi. He has been in professional gaming since 2016 but has enjoyed video games his whole life. While attending Mayfair, he was the Varsity Football Captain for 3 years and was Mayfair's Most Valuable Player offensive lineman in his senior year. He believes it's important to show students their options in the gaming world as most kids are already playing content they can make a career out of. He is happy to be at Mayfair after being successful here, and is looking forward to encouraging the next generation in ESports.

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