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Car Crashed into Mayfair High School

Still under police investigation, today at around 5:00 AM, there was an incident in which the suspected “Kia Boyz” crashed into Mayfair’s 100 wing office building. Luckily, no one was on campus that early to have gotten injured, but public property was destroyed. According to the Lakewood Sherrif's Department's Instagram post, the suspects who caused the attack had allegedly stolen the white Kia somewhere in Long Beach, and later crashed the vehicle into Mayfair High School. This was apparently apart of a TikTok challenge, hence the name “Kia Boyz”. 

Interim Superintendent Ms. Azevedo, Associate Superintendent Sulema Holguin, and Mayfair Principal Mr. Diaz were seen talking this morning next to the building of the accident. Diaz stated that students with classes in the two-story building would be moved temporarily to different classrooms for the day and that Mayfair is receiving all the help the district can offer.  Assistant Principal Mrs. Lane was also at the scene and was distraught about what had been done to the school property.

Many students and staff were shocked by what had happened to the building. Here are some responses of the reaction of teachers and students from the incident:

Sebastian Guerra: “They are really dumb for recording themselves”

Chase Ortega: “Why did they do it?”

Mrs. McAndrew: “Im very upset and sad that someone would want to destroy Mayfair”

Mr. Schneider: “It makes me sad and I hope they find the ones responsible”

Ms. Toni: “A sad and unfortunate incident, loss of words.”

This article will be updated with new information as it is available. This article has been corrected with the proper indentities of administrators listed.

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