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Ohio Police Officer Saves Baby at Traffic Stop

In Arkon, Ohio, police officers with the Akron Police Department get a call regarding a truck being stolen with a 2 year-old child in the backseat. Larry Spence, a 54 year old man, goes from car thief to kidnapper during the crime, immediately escalating the severity of the situation. Utilizing security camera footage, police officers were able to find and track down the stolen vehicle to find and rescue the child. An hour later, an officer spots a truck parked inside of a dirt lot matching the same description as the vehicle from earlier. Officers immediately go over to the truck to see if the suspect is there. While approaching, officers see the 2 year-old boy in the passenger seat. Officers quickly get the toddler out of the truck, counseling him with books, but find no suspect. One officer asks if the child likes dinosaurs, in an attempt to counsel the crying child. Soon after, more units respond to the manhunt for the suspect. Multiple officers with the child attempted to help the boy by offering him food, water, and toys, and eventually were able to calm the boy down.

Elsewhere, police officers capture and arrest Larry Spence about a half mile away from the truck he had dumped in front of a building. He was later booked on felony charges including kidnapping, abduction, and grand theft of a motor vehicle. The toddler was reunited with his parents after being found.

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