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Mayfair’s Girls’ Swimming Team Wins CIF Championships!

Monsoons are making history as Mayfair’s proud, eccentric Girls’ Swimming Team have won the CIF Championship in swimming! These girls have devoted their time to their passion for swimming and eventually achieved victory in CIF. This is an incredible achievement especially since this sport was newly added to our sports programs. Many of the girls are surprised by their accomplishment and grateful for it. There were many trials and tribulations that have played a part in their journey but everyone was able to overpower it and win the championships. 

When it comes to how they were able to win, many of the girls have different reasons why this reward was possible. Katie Cummings, a freshman in the team, comments, “I believe that Matt Price, our coach, made this possible by encouraging us and helping us be the best swimmer we can be. I think our family taking us to the swim meets and practices also contributed to our success. But most of all, I think the girls supporting each other in the good and bad times made this possible.” Their coach, Matt Price, was able to motivate and instruct his students into giving their all until they eventually won the CIF. “I push them in practice to put in their best effort,” he says, “I tell really bad jokes and always remind them we are here to have fun.” Emma Douglass, another swimmer, says, “We motivate each other by cheering each other on and hyping us up before the race, even when we’re nervous.” As a result of their encouraging words and positive mindset, they were able to advance into the championship this far. 

During the race, there were many hurdles all the girls had to overcome. Ellie Bartschi, a sophomore in the team, says, “I was the last one in the relay meaning I had to bring it home. That was stressful, but because everyone believed in me, I also believed in myself. Nothing really went through my mind. I kind of just went on autopilot in the pool and just swam.” 

Many lessons were learned throughout their time as a swimmer. Another monsoon who was able to share their victory is Jamisen Grimes. She shares what she learned from this experience as she states, “I learned that you have to have confidence in yourself to achieve your goals. From the start I believed in each of the girls that they were going to make their qualifying times as well as the team in being able to win CIF.” She was able to put faith in her members so they can all win the championships. “From this experience,” Katie adds. “I’ve learned that even though it may seem that the bad times out-weigh the good, it is important to look at the memories you’ve made along the way.” The girls were able to use this experience as an opportunity to grow not only as an athlete but as a Mayfair Monsoon. 

The Mayfair’s Girls Swimming Team was able to successfully acquire the championships in CIF. This is a remarkable moment in history for our school as we are excited to see more of what these amazing girls will accomplish in the future.

Image Courtesy of Katie Cummings.

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