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Mayfair High School Welcomes Mrs. Contreras

As you all may know, Mayfair has recently added new members to its team. One of which is Mrs. Contreras. She is our new SCL (Social Emotional Learning Counselor). An SCL is a counselor who works with students that need additional support to succeed in all areas of their lives. They connect with students, and help them learn how to manage their feelings and emotions. They create positive interactions and show empathy to others. By accomplishing this, students will be able to thrive better in their life knowing that they have someone they can talk to. Mrs. Contreras is a wise and caring staff member here at Mayfair. She has been able to create connections with many students here in the brief time that she has been here at Mayfair. When she is not in room 308, you can find her supervising during snack and lunch– talking with students, laughing with them, and giving them good advice.

The following is an interview made with Mrs. Contreras:

What made you realize that this was the career path for you?

“I’ve always liked working with students. One day when working… I realized how well I connected with students. That’s when I realized that this was what I wanted to do.”

What degrees do you have? What school did you graduate from?

“So I got my school psychologist degree from the University of La Verne (ULV), then I went to Azusa Pacific University (APU) where I got my counseling program degree in EDU and clinical counseling.”

How long did it take to get where you are?

“All I can really say is that it took years. I had a setback.”

What was your setback?

“So the reason I had a setback was because my dad had passed away. I had to give myself a break because of that, and, it wasn’t easy…of course later on when I was ready, I went back in to finish my studies for my career.”

Where did you grow up?

“I was born and raised in San Fernando Valley. I graduated high school in August in the year of 2004. I later moved to Fontana and have been there for the past 18 years now.”

What were the career paths you had in mind when you were in high school?

“When I was in high school I knew I wanted to be a school psychologist or an FBI agent.”

Why didn’t you go into any of those choices?

“So I had realized that being just a school psychologist was mainly running tests. You didn’t really get to connect with students, which was what I really wanted to do. As for the FBI agent, at the time I had really liked stuff that had to do with crime and law. But one day one of my high school teachers told me that there was a height requirement to be an FBI agent, and obviously I’m not that tall, so being an FBI agent kind of went off as an option.”

Why did you choose to come work here at Mayfair?

“So I worked at a high school for about eight years, then I worked at the district office for a good three years. I had realized that when working at the office, I wasn’t able to make the impact I had wanted. I missed interacting with parents and students. I had stumbled across an opening for an SCL here at Mayfair and I took the opportunity and applied. My strong suit has always been creating relationships with students and helping them. So I took this job because it’s what I love doing.”

What are your goals working here at Mayfair?

“My goal is to help and provide support to students so that they can be successful. So that they can excel and succeed in all areas of their lives.”

How has it been working here so far?

“I love it here. So far it’s been great. I’ve been able to talk to some students and staff here and it’s been great. I am grateful and thankful to work with the staff here and to get to know students. It’s been great working here so far.”

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