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Mayfair High School Welcomes Dean Mitchell

As you all may know, Mayfair has recently added new members to its team. One of these is Dean Mitchell, she's our new Dean of Climate and Culture, which is someone who's dedicated to supporting a collaborative and active learning environment, student-centered learning and the arts. They help to support the school and create a better learning environment. Ms. Mitchell aims to help create an atmosphere where students want to be at school and have fun. If you don’t see Ms. Mitchell in her office, you’ll see her outside supervising and talking to students to ensure that everyone is doing their part. Making sure that people feel like they belong and helping create a healthy environment for students and staff are the things she stands for.

The following is an interview made with Dean Mitchell:

What do you specialize in, how does it work? What’s your title?

“My title is the dean of climate and culture. I work in promoting the culture of the school, which includes student character development and providing a positive, orderly atmosphere that fosters learning.”

Why did you choose your career path?

“Well, first I was a counselor, so what made me choose that was helping kids graduate. Then I took this position, which is sorta the same but kind of different, and it’s more so with helping kids with their attendance and coming to school and just creating a positive culture for students to experience while on campus.”

What degrees did you need in order to have the title you have?

I have an undergraduate degree in criminal justice, and then I have a masters in school counseling, then I have a masters in school administration and leadership… so it’s all over the place, but it’s all working with people.”

What school did you go to?

“I went to the University of Maryland.”

Where did you previously work?

“At a high school in LAUSD.”

How did you find out about the position here at Mayfair? What made you want to switch schools and apply here?

“Just online… It was just time for a change, and I wanted something that was more challenging to give me the opportunity to grow in.”

So you're a person that likes to take on challenges?

“Yes, I am.”

How do you want to come off to the students here at Mayfair?

“So I think I would want them to know that I’m here to support them, help them be successful and help them create a school that they really want to be at.”

So you grew up in Maryland, why did you come over here to California?

“I came over here for grad school because the weather is better… literally, it doesn’t snow here, at least not where we live.”

How has your experience been here so far within the month that you have been here at Mayfair?

“It’s been very positive and encouraging, everybody has been very welcoming here.”

Is there a fun fact that you’d like to connect with the students?

“I really like animals… I really like dogs, well maybe because I’m biased since I have dogs, but I also like cats, and dogs and all animals, but I’d say dogs.”

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