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Mayfair Club Rush: Some Clubs to Join

Q. What is Computer Science Cub and why should you join?:

Jayda (Club President):We want to get people together who are interested or curious in Computer Science.

Evelynn (Club Vice President): Specifically this year we are going to teach how to code in python which is a programming language.

Jayda (Club President): Last year we worked on a sense hat which is basically a weather station that has sensors all around and can be directly programmed.

Evelynn (Club Vice President): With Computer Science there is a lot more you can do like creating video games, and making websites. Not only that but there are many jobs that use programming and computer science.

Q.What is the Environmental Science Club and why should you join?:

Stella (Club President): Environmental science is a club dedicated to helping the environment through community engagement; working to connect hearts and habitats I thank you.

Q. What is Mayfair Anime Club and why should you join?:

Markus (Club President): We are Anime Club and we are a really relaxed club. We meet every Friday at room 201 and we watch different anime shows every week, usually the first episode, sub or dub. Anime club is really just a relaxing place where we can watch anime and just have fun. Sometimes we do potlucks so that's why you should join.

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