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Los Angeles Dodgers

The Los Angeles Dodgers played against the San Diego Padres this past Monday on February 27th. Recently, The Los Angeles Dodgers have been in spring training for the new season coming up on Thursday March 30, 2023. On Monday they played at 12:10 at the Peoria Sports complex. The Dodgers ended up winning the game 7-6. During the first innings no one scored but during the bottom of the second inning Dixon hit a sacrifice fly ball to the center fielder to let Kim score making it 1-0 Padres. Then the top of the 3rd inning Dodgers were up to bat since they’re the away team which means the Padres were the home team so they got to be on the field first. During the top of the 3rd the Dodgers then scored their first point making it 1-1 tied by Will Smith hitting the ball to the shortstop, the shortstop then dove and missed the ball scoring in Mookie Betts from second base.

The pitcher then strikes out J.D Martinez for the third out making it the bottom of the third. The Padres are back up to bat and didn’t end up scoring that inning. The Dodgers go back to hit and Gavin Lux is up to bat and he hits a pop up for the first out. Then Steven Dugger strikes out looking for the second out. Luke Williams then homers to left field giving the Dodgers the lead 2-1. They then strike out the next batter. For the next 2 innings no one scored till the top of the 6th inning. Devin Mann hit a single to left field making Jorbit Vivas score making it 3-1.

The bottom of the 7th Brandon Dixon for the Padres hit a double to left field making Brett Sullivan score making it 3-2. Dixon then scored on the wild pitch tying the game 3-3. The Dodgers did not score during the 8th inning but, Padres did. Brett Sullivan singled to left, scoring on Rangel Ravelo. The game is now 4-3 Padres and the Dodgers are back up to bat. The Padres gets a double play but Lewis scores and Jah Jones is at third base. Ward then singles to right scoring in Jah. Jones made it 4-4. Vivas then doubled to right scoring in two runs making it 7-4. Padres got last up at bat Ravelo then grounded out but he scored his teammate Liberato making it 5-7. The last time they scored was Rivas scoring on a wild pitch by Dodson. The Dodgers then gets 3 outs and the game ends making the Dodgers win 7-6.

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