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Loki Season 2 Premire

Warning to Spoilers!

Season 2 of Loki premiered on Thursday, October 5th, which gave fans content after the drought of Marvel since the release of Guardian 3 in May. Which added on to the already descending hype around the universe since the conclusion of the Infinity Saga and the connection between the start of the multiverse. However, Loki does in turn re-spark interest for most fans, as it did for me. The show has been one of the better ones as it is a fan favorite character since his first appearances in the universe and the show is no different.

The new episode starts off right in the middle of the action where season 1 left off. Adding on to this, we see that Loki already has a problem as he is blinking in between the TVA and somewhere else. We also see the complete take over and implementation of Kang throughout the TVA, which we had only previously seen a statue of him.

Another main point of the episode is the trial of the variants. The trial included Morbius, hunter B-15 and 2 other hunters. They end up settling that they will stop pruning people, which for context is the act of deleting someone for the timeline reality. But, this was interrupted by Loki revealing the whole Kang ruling the TVA is unknown but he is the real threat.

The rest of the episode is Loki dealing with going in between the past and future, while talking to someone from the past and then realizing it to Morbius in the present. This helps them get what they need to fix the problem. But then, they end up making more of a problem, which is them finding out they all might be pruned, if Loki doesn’t prune himself. At the end with Loki pruning himself but in turn being able to save Morbius. And Slyvie shows up in her own sort of reality in a McDonald's.

This episode overall is more of a descriptive, informative one that establishes the basics of what most likely the season is going to be about. However, it does make it confusing at times, but it works out as it makes the viewer want to watch more.

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