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Lisa Frankenstein Movie Review

On February 9, 2024 a new film was released titled “Lisa Frankenstein”. This movie takes place in the 80’s where gloomy, misunderstood high school senior Lisa encounters a nameless bachelor who she admired dearly from the graveyard. This movie explores comedy and romance, with some lost body parts. Disclaimer: Spoilers for “Lisa Frankenstein” are found in this article. 

In the movie, it starts off with a monochromatic cartoon of the bachelor’s (played by Cole Sprouse) life in the 1800s. It reveals that he was a musician who was left by the love of his life, and later died by a lightning strike. Since then, his tombstone was found in the middle of a “haunted” graveyard. 

Years pass by and it is 1989, with the main character, Lisa (played by Kathryn Newton), with her step-sister Taffy (played by Liza Soberano) getting ready for a party with high school classmates. Because of Lisa’s nature of being timid and lonely, she does not have the brightest experience of parties with drinks and questionable boys. After encountering an incident at the party, she retreats to a graveyard where the tombstone of the bachelor lays. At the same time, a green, booming storm appears and lightning strikes everywhere. The panicked Lisa quickly returns home while the lightning disturbs the bachelor’s grave. 

The next day, she encounters a break-in from a mysterious, swampy-looking figure which frightens Lisa. After running around and attempting to escape, she gives in after realizing that this figure is actually the man she was spending time with in the graveyard. They both befriend each other and spend time together in her bedroom. Although the monster is nonverbal, he shows Lisa that he wishes to obtain his missing body parts — an ear and a hand. 

Although it seemed to be impossible, Lisa’s step-mom threatened Lisa to bring her to juvenile detention after accusing her of poisoning her meal. Just when her mom was about to lash out, the monster comes from behind and knocks her out with Lisa’s sewing machine. As a result, the 2 were able to obtain an ear. Because of the treatment Lisa had to endure, she feels relieved and more motivated. She then seeks revenge for the boy, Tepper, who assaulted her at the party. One day after school, she lures him into the same graveyard where the tombstone was disturbed. While the two are together, the monster attacks Tepper from behind. Before he could realize the situation he is put in, Lisa knocks him out and the bachelor finishes him. Afterwards, the hand is achieved.

When these parts are stitched in the bachelor’s body, he enters Taffy’s tanning bed to permanently attach these components. Progressively, his dead features become less visible and he slowly leans closer to life. At the same time, Lisa goes through character development. Her shy, reserved personality becomes more confident and assertive. Her fashion changes as she approaches the goth-type style. She starts to “borrow” Taffy’s clothes and spark an unruffled attitude towards others. Further into the movie, we see that Lisa and the monster become closer to one another. She feels more comfortable around him and he would defend Lisa in any situation.

Eventually, Lisa gets called out for the disappearance of Tepper and other people. Because she wanted to be with the bachelor forever, she enters the tanning bed and electrocutes herself to be in the same condition as him. Days pass after her death and the man is fully alive, his dead-like features are gone and he is verbal. However, Lisa is now “Frankenstein”-ified and the two are in a relationship. 

I would recommend this movie for people who are interested in romance and mild horror. “Lisa Frankenstein” goes through a romantic yet murderous journey as Lisa discovers her identity more, and the nameless bachelor works for his second chance at life.

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1 Comment

Angelina Escamilla
Angelina Escamilla
Mar 11

I loved this movie! definitely wished it had more press before it came out

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