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Lights, Camera, Action, Addams!

As the students of Mayfair are aware, one of our dearest teachers, Mr. Bacani, performed in a theatre production of The Addams Family. I practically heard about his (upcoming at the time) performance every day.

Bacani reviews this performance as an incredibly enjoyable experience. “I had the time of my life,” he reminisces. “It was probably the best role I’ve ever had.” It’s true that The Addams Family, no matter the form of retelling, is normally a grandiose experience, one worth remembering. He adds, “I liked all the music, I liked all the comedy, I liked all the dancing… it’s like that role was made for me.”

I interrogated him on how he came to be the triple threat that he claims to be: singer, dancer, and actor, as it were. He states that he started out performing in middle school. “This is my first passion… if I didn’t have to teach, I’d be doing more with it.” This begs the question: why become a teacher? He assures that he loves to teach and that he loves kids, so it only made sense.

Bacani says the show was a success, and that the director was very happy with opening night. “All three performances we had were a good crowd,” he adds with a grin. He loved being Gomez. “Gomez is about trying to be faithful to his wife and kids, and at the same time he’s super funny with the dad jokes and the dancing was totally up my alley.”

He goes on to finalize our interview by saying that the production was a three month process. “I enjoyed every minute of it.” It’s clear that the bulk of us who didn’t show up to this performance are probably regrettable, and when an opportunity like this arises, we should definitely see Mr. Bacani onstage.

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