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Latino Club

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

I know everyone has heard of Spanish clubs, but Latino Club has nothing to do with Spanish clubs. Latino club is a small community that represents various types of Latin cultures, not just a single one. This club is also a great place to start if you feel like no other clubs fit you well, and last but not least this club will help you get involved more at school.

Latino club presents many different types of Latino cultures from the royal Spain to the downs of Argentina. The reason why Latino club is not the same as Spanish club is because this club looks more at the nature of the Latin culture and Spanish club is more of the language. This club will help you understand more of the culture of the people rather than the language they speak.

It is also a great way to start being more involved because it is a small community that doesn't expect much. There are no fees and no contract to sign. Latino clubs will welcome you with their arms wide open no matter what culture, race, or ethnicity. It is a club for everyone to come in and enjoy, even if you're shy. This club is barely starting up again after the 2020 pandemic and is ready to put itself back out there to find new members.

They also let you get involved in school by organizing fun activities. At first we start off meetings every other Monday, so starting the 30th of October, then every Monday after that. This club also makes someone dress up as Santa and lets them go around to everyone. They also do it for Easter as a bunny, to go around and make people's day. At the end this club brings your favorite teacher to breakfast, as a positive way to finish things off.

This club is a great club to start up with if you feel like no other fits you. If you are planning on joining us on the 30th, candy will be brought for those who want some. Latino Club always welcomes new members every day and if you need contact with anyone just go to room 209 or email

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