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Keith Lee: a Small Business’s Fondest Dream

A lot of smaller, Mom & Pop restaurants lose out on business for a lot of reasons. People are more inclined to eat at popular, more hip restaurants because they are used to it. We don’t hear of these small businesses because our first thought is, “Well, if it’s this small and I haven’t heard of it, the food is probably not good.” However, in most instances, this is not the case. A vast majority of these restaurants have incredible, mouth watering, and mind blowing food; however, a considerable amount of them are run by families and often do not make enough money to support themselves or make themselves known. But how will we find a way to find or support these spectacular small businesses? Well, one Tiktok food reviewer has become a godsend for these restaurants.

Keith Lee, the aforementioned food reviewer, started his reviews in 2021 and has since then made a huge impact in the lives of many small business owners. He's worked with Mr. Beast, partnered with "Good Morning America," and participated on the well-known "People vs. Food" YouTube series. On TikTok's inaugural Visionary Voices list, which recognized 15 Black entrepreneurs who are pioneers in their respective fields for Black History Month, he was recently recognized as an "industry disruptor". He takes pleasure in reviewing these restaurants, and has sparked the interest of like-minded foodies. His praise towards food businesses creates an influx of customers, more business for these restaurants, and people who are happy with new food options. For example, before the Las Vegas pizza place Frankensons came across Lee's attention, they had about 2,000 TikTok fans. They reached over 70,000 following his review, and they have well over 300,000 followers to date.

The benevolent creator has paid hundreds out of pocket to support these eateries with his reviews, and the people who follow him couldn’t be prouder of him. He deserves all the good things coming his way, the rewards he’s receiving, and the praise he’s being showered in. In closing, I implore you to follow him on social media, subscribe to his Youtube account, and show support for him as he’s supported others.

Courtesy of Business Insider + Keith Lee

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