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JV Tennis Season 2022

During the summer, JV & Varsity girls spent their whole summer at Mayfair. Practicing for 3 hours a day under the hot, sunny weather and rigid temperatures. When practice ended everyone came home sweaty and icky. But it was worth it. As someone who plays for the Mayfair tennis team, so much improvement and crazy game plays happened. Overall we won all of our league games. All of them against La Mirada, and Paramount. However before we played our league games we had a pre-season. There were more variety of schools that we went against during our pre-season. Many of them were Santa Fe, Downey, Warren, Norwalk, and Whitney. However, we lost to Downey during pre-season. But to be fair, they were more experienced and that was just our 2nd game as a team. The loss taught us what we could do to become better, and fight back stronger than before. So we did that. We got our rematch against Downey during our tennis season, and we got them back. Our positive thinking, and our strong mentality helped us win all our matches.

But of course, without the team this wouldn’t have happened. The team improved so much in terms of skill, and game sense. The coaches taught us so much, and without them we wouldn’t be the champions we are today. We learned so much, experienced so many hardships and many difficult lessons. And also, without the team’s sportsmanship and teamwork we wouldn’t have done it.

Throughout the season, I learned so many things and created many new friendships. I wanted to try tennis because I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone. And clearly this was a good choice. I met so many people, created bonds, and got to know them better. This was my first time playing for the team as a junior, and hopefully I could play again as a senior.

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