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James and the Giant Peach: Opening Soon!

Act Out Theater Company is a tuition-free organization that puts on a variety of plays and musicals for anyone to participate. This season they are putting on the show “James and the Giant Peach” at Hoover Middle School. This show follows the story of a young boy named James who is sent to live with his abusive aunts after the death of his parents. But with the help of a magical man and a giant peach, his life changes forever.

This isn’t the first time they have done this production. It was the very first show that Act Out ever performed back in 2011. They originally performed the show as a play with a very small cast at the Light and Life Church. The program continued to perform here until the end of 2021. Now that Act Out has outgrown the space they had in the church, they now perform at Hoover Middle School which has a much larger stage, back-stage, and seating. Although the old stage will be missed, the movement to a bigger facility was a blessing; they are now able to put on larger shows and seat more people (which brings in more money!).

So please, come out and support the show! The cast has been working very hard to put on a wonderful show for their community. By purchasing a ticket, or even donating, you are helping children and adults alike get the theater experience they deserve. Tickets start at $12 online and $15 at the door. Shows are May 6-8, and 13-15. Hope to see you there!

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