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IVE’s Single: Either Way

IVE is a well-known K-Pop girl group shaped by Starship Entertainment that features 6 special, unique members: Wonyoung, Rei, Yu-jin, Leeseo, Gaeul, and Liz. They are known for performing songs that represent love for one’s self. IVE dropped a new single “Either Way '' on September 25, 2023, along with a music video that reveals the creative dynamic of these young ladies. This new song holds significance, but what is the message they want to convey?

What is this IVE introducing? “Either Way'' is a song about anxiety that runs through someone’s mind when they’re in a judgemental environment. In the first verse sung by Rei and Leeseo, it is translated to “Some say I sound full of myself, that I’m just showing off. But some say I’m too kind, that I’m almost a fool.” This describes the difference between someone with confidence and someone who is tenderhearted. Peers tell the two apart, causing different kinds of uneasiness in their minds. In the pre-chorus, Wonyoung and Liz sing “Sometimes, I can’t even understand the looks I get, it feels unfair sometimes but I talk about the countless versions of me created from misunderstandings. All of them are ‘me’ in the end.” The girls can feel people staring, and nervousness runs through their minds once more. They look over the different personalities and identities they’ve configured themselves and realize, these are all part of themselves.

As the chorus begins, the following lyrics by Wonyoung, Gaeul, and Yu-jin are “Either way I’m good, it’s all good. It’s not about who’s right or wrong, just like how we all love differently.” This line depicts the idea that everyone is unique, so it doesn’t matter who you are as a human. Moving to the chorus, Leeseo and Rei begin their part with “She’s like an older sister and friend to me but someone said she acts too childish. That child who seemed carefree and nonchalant actually, has a tender heart.” This line portrays the lifestyle of a girl who gets called childish for being cheerful and bubbly. However, in reality, she is soft-hearted. People make assumptions about others without knowing who they truly are. In the pre-chorus, An and Yu-jin sing, “They say it’s because she’s an ‘I’ and you’re an ‘E’, well let’s just do a ‘V’.” The official translation from the music video confirms that “I” stands for introvert, and “E” stands for extrovert. Finally, they form a “V” to create balance with these social tendencies.

After the previous chorus, the bridge plays with Gaeul and Rei singing “Another version of me” which can refer to these idols having different personalities, ideals, and contrasting styles in society. Furthermore, a new chorus begins, “It’s not about who’s right or wrong just like how we all live differently, everything is good, all the love and hate, I’ll just take it all there’s no need to just choose one, Either way, we’re good.” IVE acknowledges that everyone is different, varying in their opinions and thoughts. These lines represent that these women don’t care about love and hate as they simply accept it. They believe that it doesn’t matter “either way”. As the song comes close to an end, Liz finishes the song with “Let’s smile for them like this.” This final line implies that IVE is willing to smile for their audience no matter how tough times will be for them.

“Either Way” is a beautiful song for audiences that are overly worried about their public appearance. They make viewers feel that there is no shortcut for every single person to like them. IVE believes that everyone is an individual. Overall, it is a message to not be attentive to what others think of you. This special K-pop group continues to spread positivity through their catchy and exquisite melodies.

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