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I Went to the First Football Game So You Didn't have to!

After weeks of training and extensive practices, our Mayfair Monsoons Football Team finally took the field on August 18th, 2023. I arrived at Huntington Beach High School at 6:30 PM, a half hour before the game started, to see both teams doing a light workout on the field. Of course, while waiting in the stands, I had to check out the grub! On the menu, we had a wide variety of foods. Some monsoon favorite items stood out: noodles, burgers, hot chips, and sodas.

At 7 PM, the team came out on the field for the classic coin toss after doing their iconic entrance. Just like that, the game was officially on!

I asked students what they predicted the outcome of the game would be.

“I’m not much of a football fan,” says Danielle Arrington, currently a Senior at Mayfair, “but watching their practices over the summer and into the [school] year, they seem promising.”

I couldn’t agree more with Danielle! Watching their dedication over the summer really did make team united and improved!

The Mayfair Monsoons Marching Corps always get the job done, and they did it again that night.

“Honestly, Band is a great way to stay busy on nights like these. Not only do I get to play music I love, I also get to make great memories with my section and friends!” Brylan Wright, a junior and baritone section leader, explains.

They played the classics such as The Hey Song, Seven Nation Army, including the iconic Mayfair Fight Song. Rumor has it they have a couple of new songs in the works.

Next thing you know, half-time hits, meaning it’s time to get to the field and get together with some star players!

We had a quick chat with Josiah Willis, a Junior. We asked what his favorite pre-game ritual was, which he replied,

“You know I’ve got to put my chain on.” He said, flashing a grin while showing it off. Sean Diaz, our #proudprincipal, was even up for a quick chat on the field.

“I don’t bet on football,” he says, “High School football that is, but of course I know we’re capable of winning!”

Our Monsoons put up a good fight against the Oilers but unfortunately fell short with a score of 34-21.

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