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Go Guardian Opinions

At our school staff and administrators just started using the app GoGuardian on the Chromebooks. GoGuardian is an app where teachers can see what you’re doing when you're on the computer in their class. Things that can be seen is your recently closed tabs on google, playing games, or doing things such as homework. This app can help see what you're doing at all times making sure you're staying on task and not getting distracted. Right once a student gets on the chromebook GoGuardian is already connected. Teachers can block you from any websites you're not supposed to be on like doing other work for another class or trying to check your grades. However, many students aren’t too happy with the GoGuardian decisions that the teachers have made. Personally I believe that this app is unnecessary, but I understand where others may see an upside with this app. Many students tend to get distracted easily making them not be able to do the work, and when the work is due it doesn’t get turned in or done because they weren’t paying attention to the instructions, or they were doing something else. It’s important for students to do work that is given especially towards the end of the year because our report cards are coming out, and help decide on if you have to go to summer school or not. Teachers use it so we can only go on google classroom for assignments, but we can’t go on google if anyone wants to search up an answer for the assignment. Now that teachers can see your screen you won’t be able to do anything slick such as trying to copy answers from websites or cheating. Even though teachers can already see when you cheat it’ll be an even better help with GoGuardian to block students from trying to get onto other websites when they’re supposed to be doing classwork on their own. Even though students and I personally don’t like GoGuardian,but that doesn’t mean it’s not beneficial for teachers and staff.

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