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Girls Flag Football Strikes Again!

Our girls flag football team is creating history; they are part of the first group of female students ever to play in this newly CIF certified sport. Alongside that privilege of being the first Monsoon team in history, our JV team has remained undefeated and they're only halfway through their pre-season! Overall, the soon girls are doing amazing for them being our first team, and students should definitely support them as much as possible. They can do so by supporting their home games that are both at Ron Yary Stadium and here at Mayfair.

Their opponents this past Friday were Sacred Heart of Jesus High and the Monsoons beat them 24-6 . It was another exceptional game by the monsoons; they led by 3 touchdowns with 8 minutes left in the first half of the game, which is only 20 minutes. In the first play of the game, junior Courtney Cummings caught the first catch and touchdown, thrown by senior Brieseis Rodriguez. The following touchdown was a beautiful fake to junior Esmeralda Guerra by Seniors: Priya Jane Patel and Brieseis Rodriguez. The soons kept the momentum going when junior Anniyah Littlejohn intercepted the ball during one of Sacred Heart’s plays and scored another touchdown. Throughout the rest of the game, the monsoons continued to make amazing catches like those caught by freshman Jaezarah Smith to get more and more yards which at the end, lead to them scoring another touchdown, which would be the last for both teams. That touchdown was made by senior Priya Jane Patel through a pass by Brieseis Rodriguez.

This win couldn’t have happened without all the amazing players on the team. And in this game, some of the more defensive members shined through exponentially, like seniors Vanessa Garcia, Jazmin Garcia and Chanakan Paorung all really came through. All of them were able to remove the other teams flags almost immediately after the other girls received a catch, as well as being able to rush to the quarterback to allow for more potential interceptions.

Overall, the team is becoming stronger and our entire school is ecstatic to see them dominate during their league and potentially their CIF games.

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