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Girl’s Golf Loses to La Mirada in an Extremely Close Match

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

On October 7, Mayfair’s girl’s golf team lost to La Mirada by a hair, to a stunning 144 to 149 strokes, with a mere 5 strokes shy. The game occured at the La Mirada Golf Course, where a total of 6 holes were played. While both teams were visibly a bit tense at first, it soon dissipated as the game got into full swing. The teams were split up into groups of 2, however, due to a lack of one player, Mayfair had one less teammate in the final group. Friendly banter between some of the groups and several mistakes from the players added some amusement to the mix. Throughout the course, there were many rolling hills and tricky angles. At one point, one of the courses had mud all over the teeing ground, the place where the initial putt takes place, which can affect the game’s final outcome. However, both teams did well even in the face of all the obstacles. It was pleasantly surprising to see extremely good sportsmanship between both teams, and no hard feelings seemed to be present in the end. Throughout the game, both teams mostly kept up with each other, and as shown by the end score, were very closely matched up.
Even though we lost to La Mirada in both of our matches, there’s at least the fact that girl’s golf received 2nd in the League tournament and will be participating in the finals. At the end of it all, we won 6 out of 8 games, with only 2 lost to La Mirada. Mayfair will be represented by team players Sophia Haibel (10th), Sadie Saez (10th), Riley Starks (10th), and Elisa Contreras (12th). Make sure to wish good luck to our 4 competing golfers at the finals, and, hopefully, this time we can take the win back. If you truly wish to support the girl’s golf team, make sure to show up to their matches and cheer them on. On October 18, you can spectate their game at Lakewood Country Club. Overall, we have a solid team and our schools made it to some of the most important matches at the league finals.
Regarding the other 6 matches against other schools, Mayfair did splendidly. All 6 matches against Montebello, Bellflower, and Firebaugh were easily won without any notable struggles against their teams. As per usual, La Mirada is our main competitor and presents the biggest challenge to our golf team. That being said, since the school’s match on October 7, I’d say we are closing the gap between our schools. Hopefully, we will finally surpass their team soon.
The team’s achievement of progress is not going unnoticed. As schools return from the pandemic, teacher and coach Mr. Dan Fong is proud of the team for getting back to where they were, and perhaps on their way to being even better. Fong kindly mentioned, “After a year where students couldn’t play sports due to the pandemic, I’m thrilled that these golfers did the work necessary to get back to a competitive level.” Everyone should give due praise to the golf team for their hard work and dedication. Mayfair is lucky to have such an impressive team.
Mr. Fong also said, “It’s also really nice to see student athletes be able to meet, work, and bond together again as a team.”. I'm sure most coaches would agree with him and everyone’s excited for the year to come. As the league finals wrap-up, we'll see the final results of Mayfair's golf team. Let's all cheer for them as they do their best for our school.
Riley Starks, one of the league competitors, gave great insight into how the team feels about their match at Montebello on that day. She expressed that the team is excited but nervous since this will be the last time competing against the other team. Then, she elaborated that she was nervous because they want to win in the league finals, and there is immense pressure on them to do so. Aside from that, the golf team has several seniors that will be graduating after this year and there will be open spots next year. If anyone is interested, you should see Mr. Fong, the Mayfair golf coach in Room 106, for more details.

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