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Exploiting Food Delivery Services

We can all mutually agree that being at school isn’t the most enjoyable thing, with long days and short breaks, it can become a little difficult to have motivation throughout the day. A big cause of this is a lack of energy. Getting up in the morning, just grabbing a few snacks, then lunch rolls around and you don’t know how you’re going to get through the rest of the day without food. With technology and an influx of people who would rather have food be brought to them than going to the restaurant led to a huge normalization of food delivery services, making students want to get food transported right to the school gate with a click of a button.
Sounds harmless right? Wrong. While some students used this ability to simply receive food on occasion, others used it as an excuse to get out of class, walk across campus, and then deliver food to other classrooms causing a disruption everywhere they went. This left teachers and administrators in a difficult position – yes, students should be able to eat, but using it as an excuse to disturb a teaching environment is unacceptable. There were even some instances that supposed “food delivery staff” were drug dealers or giving other substances to students to use on campus. Leading to the inevitable: food delivery services were banned from Mayfair High School.
As someone who struggles to get up early in the morning and pack food, I have gotten Uber Eats a few times throughout this school year, and it is frustrating seeing few students exploit this accessibility to where it has to be “banned.” It seems as though anything that the school tries to allow for students, someone abuses its power, and although unfair at times, there is no real way to collectively regulate a school by only punishing said person rather than everyone as a whole. One of my biggest aspirations as a freshman was to become a senior with no sixth period so I could leave at lunch and get food before going home. Then after the pandemic Mayfair decided to change the schedule to an hour ahead, and pushed lunch back a period previous. This was somewhat devastating to hear about because I had to be in school during lunch with no food to eat, and I know other seniors also share this frustration. I feel that there could be a system where you can leave your backpack or something of value in the office, sign in, and be able to leave and pick up food at lunch. It seems simple and could possibly be done in the future, but knowing the people at this school it will most likely be abused and later altered.
For now, it is pretty easy to get food and be able to eat at school if you put your mind to it. Eating is extremely important, and without it exhaustion is heightened and it is difficult to perform well in classes. Although food delivery services are no longer allowed, there are simpler and (a lot) cheaper options. For example, working towards waking up earlier and packing something to eat. It could be as simple as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but it gets the job done and lasts you until dinner. Also, the school lunches are free for everyone. You can simply walk into the MPB and grab a plate of food. I know, it isn’t amazing food, but it's food and it will be healthier than not eating at all. Reminder! It is not “uncool” to eat at school. I have heard many times people be insecure about taking a lunch box or being seen eating school lunches, but if you’re seen with a bag from Chipotle, now you’re “cool.” Your health is more important than seeming cool. Plus, whoever judges you for simply being a human being at school should not have an effect on you or be a part of your life. Your body and grades will thank you if you eat during school hours. The banning of food delivery services is disappointing, but understandable, and it needs to be pushed more for students to eat what they are able to during school.

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