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Updated: Feb 3, 2022

“Encanto” is the latest Disney movie released on Disney+. It follows the story of Mirabel, a girl from a Colombian family with magical powers. Unlike the rest of her family, she does not have a power, but she does whatever she can to fit in and make her family proud.
I really enjoyed this movie. The characters, plot, and the music were all perfect. Personally, I haven’t been the biggest fan of some of Disney’s newest movies but this one was very good. As a theater kid, I immediately knew who wrote the soundtrack for this movie: Lin-Manuel Miranda. Miranda has become a major part of Disney’s music in animated films in recent years.
However, I do wish the movie didn’t feel so rushed. I felt like there should have been more time spent towards the end of the film with the resolution between Mirabel and her abuela. In the middle of the movie, her resolution with Isabella was super rushed. You mean to tell me that years of fighting and disagreement was completely solved within a 3-minute musical number? Alright. But then again, Isabella was constantly suppressing the way she felt so she could appear perfect for her family. Mirabel was the first person to actually listen to her and validate the way she felt.
Overall, I would rate this movie ⅘. I would definitely recommend watching, especially if you come from a larger family.

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