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Eagles Vs Bills Recap

On the afternoon of November 26, 2023, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Buffalo Bills faced off. It was a long awaited game between the 9-1 dominant Eagles team and the 6-5 very talented Bills team.

The Bills would win the coin toss, but unfortunately did not score. In fact, there were no points scored until there was just about 1 minute left in the first quarter. Jalen Hurts and the Eagles would take a 7-0 lead with the Philadelphia signature “tush push” or “Brotherly Shove” play.

The Bills would answer right back with a field goal, changing the score with a  7-3 Eagles. Jalen Hurts would then throw an interception on a swatted pass, giving the Bills the ball back at about the 30-yard line. The Bills would take advantage of this interception, and Josh Allen would rush in for a touchdown. The score at this point was now 10-7 Bills. 

After many punts back and forth, a fumble, and a missed field goal, the ball would end up in Josh Allen’s hands right before halftime. With just about 10 seconds left in the half, he would find Stefon Diggs in the endzone for a touchdown right before halftime. The score going into the second half would be 17-7 Bills.

After a pair of punts after halftime, the Eagles would get the ball, and thanks to D’Andre Swift, Eagles drove down field and  set up for an AJ Brown receiving touchdown. This would make the score 17-14 Bills. 

The Bills would get the ball right back, and Josh Allen would score another rushing touchdown. This would extend the Bills lead to 24-14 with just over a minute left in the 3rd quarter.

The Eagles would get the ball back. With just a minute and a half into the 4th quarter, Jalen Hurts would find Devonta Smith in the endzone for an Eagles touchdown, reducing the Bills lead to 3. The score would be 21-24 Bills. On the second play of the Bills drive, James Bradberry IV would intercept Josh Allen— putting the Eagles at the 24-yard line.

  In one passing touchdown to Olamide Zaccheaus, Jalen Hurts and the Eagles would take the lead from the Bills, 28-24. Just after the two minute warning, Josh Allen would pass to Gabe Davis for a Bills touchdown, taking the lead from the Eagles, 31-28, with 1:52 left in regulation. But this game was far from over. 

The Eagles would get the ball back and drive the ball down field. With 23 seconds left, facing a 4th down, kicker Jake Elliot would come out to tie the game with a 59-yard field goal! It would be a tough kick on the cold, rainy Philadelphia night, and many even thought the game was over at this point. But they were wrong, as Jake Elliot sent it straight through the uprights and sent the game straight to overtime tied at 31.

The Bills would win the coin toss and take the ball. Josh Allen and his teammates would drive the ball into field goal range, where Tyler Bass would make a field goal. Due to NFL Overtime rules, a field goal could not win a game on the first drive in overtime, which meant Jalen Hurts and the Eagles got one more chance to score. With many great rushes by the Eagles running back core and throws from Jalen Hurts, the Eagles would find themselves 12 yards away from a touchdown and a win. The ball was snapped on the final play, and Jalen Hurts found an opening and ended the game with a 12-yard rushing touchdown.

This game would make the Eagles the first team to 10 wins (10-1), and would lower the Bills record to 6-6. The final score was 37-34 Eagles.

Image Curtousey of Wikimedia Commons

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