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Dodgers vs Rockies

On Monday, April 3rd the Los Angeles Dodgers played the Colorado Rockies beating Colorado 13-4. The Dodgers are now 3-2 in their season right now, and the Rockies are 2-3. They played at the Dodger stadium on Monday, since they were at home they were on the field first. To start on the mound first was the starting Dodger, #78 Michael Grove starting pitcher. It was a quick 1 2 3 outs for the Dodgers making it the bottom of the 1st. The Rockies did not score any runs their first time up to bat. For the Rockies, Ryan Feltner was on the mound. For the first out, Mookie Betts was up for the starting line up. He hit a pop fly straight to the center fielder. Will Smith then caused the second out for a pop fly to the right fielder. The third batter was up which is #13 Max Muncy. Max then watched the third strike go by making it the third out.

It’s now the top of the second and Grove is still pitching. He then got the first out by striking out a batter. He then struck out another batter making him look at the third strike, making him strike out looking. He struck out the last batter for the third out and it’s now the bottom of the second. It was like that for a couple innings till the Dodgers started scoring. In the bottom of the 3rd, Chris Taylor had a 2 run home run making it 2-0 Dodgers. In the top of the 5th, the Rockies then scored a run making it 1-2 Dodgers still up. They then score another run making it 2-2, the Rockies then score once again making it 3-2 taking the lead. The Rockies are still up and they score once again making it 4-2. The Dodgers come back up to hit and Freddie Freeman gets a double to get on base. There is 2 outs and they start a rally. The bases are loaded then 2 runs scored after a hit. They then took the lead again making it 6-4 on a double hit. They started having a rally till they scored 13 runs, the Rockies didn’t score any more runs making the Dodgers winning the game 13-4.

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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