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Devastating Earthquake At Turkey

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Millions of people across Turkey and Syria have been woken up really early on a Monday morning to a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. This earthquake was the biggest, strongest, earthquake to shake Turkey and Syria. It was followed by many strong aftershocks, measuring to be about 4.0 or greater. According to CNN, at least 100 aftershocks occurred and they were really powerful too. Many of these aftershocks were inconsistent, and could pose great danger towards rescue teams who are retrieving survivors under big debris. Turkey’s rescue team are also urging people to keep the roads clear for them to rescue anyone who is stranded from the earthquake.

The earthquake was so big that it destroyed buildings, making hundreds even thousands of people stranded and left with no home. People who have no homes, search for refugee camps. Luckily, many rescue teams from different parts of the world contributed and worked together to provide blankets, beds, and tents for those who have lost their homes.

The death toll today still climbs at alarming rates as I’m writing this. It has climbed to 21,051 according to the authorities in Turkey and Syria combined. And many people are still left injured. Many rescue teams continue to struggle to find survivors under the dusty debris. Many of whom they are trying to find are children that are lost and separated from their families.

Many countries all over the world are willing to help get Turkey and Syria back on their feet. Countries like Japan, the U.S., Egypt, and Canada. There are many other big and small countries that are helping Turkey and Syria as well. Donation websites are open to anyone for those who want to donate to Turkey and Syria. Many of these donations can go towards refugee camps, help children, and help families.

Image Courtesy of CNN

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