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Dear Margot: To Confess or Not to confess

Reader: Dear Margot, I have a crush on this one guy but I don’t know how to tell him I like him because we’re friends and I’d rather not ruin anything in our friend group.

Margot: Well, If you really like this guy and see a future with this person, then you should confess your feelings for him as well as express how you feel deep down inside. Also, try talking to some of your friends and his friends to see how he really thinks of you since you guys are in the same friend group. Try to also get as much information you can out of your and his friends to see what he truly thinks about you. Also, give him hints that you like him but don’t fully show that you like him. It’ll be an easier way to slowly show you like him and he’ll hopefully get some of the hints you’re giving. Go for it and tell him how you truly feel when it’s the right time, you only live once so might as well tell this person how you really feel because it’s the best thing you can do. Try and ask him to hang out with just you guys, talk to him about the situation you’re in and how you feel but as well express how you don’t want things going downhill because it’ll be awkward. If you see him flirting or talking to you in a flirty way when you tell him how you feel then you should then pull him to the side one on one and tell him you want to be something serious in the future. It’s not best to do it on text or call, the best thing you could do is talk to him in person because you can see his real and full reaction to what you’re expressing to him. At the end of the day, I hope both of you work out and get together, as well as your friends being happy for you and you guys having a future together.

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