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COVID-19: Round Two!?

It is no news that we have all been fighting Covid for the past 3-4 years. Some people say it's over; we have stopped wearing masks, stopped being 6ft apart, and don't really take it as serious in the chances that we do get it. Apparently we are wrong. Scientists and researchers have said multiple times now that there IS going to be a second pandemic so we have to prepare.

In order to prevent a second pandemic we need to prepare so I am going to give you a couple of ways on how you can help prevent a second pandemic and potentially save thousands of people.

  • Make sure to stay clean: whenever you go out and start touching things…make sure NOT to touch your face or eat food without washing your hands. And when it comes to washing your hands make sure you scrub your hands with soap for AT LEAST 20 seconds.

  • Wear a mask when sick: before we were not really used to wearing masks and whenever we saw a person wearing one that wasn’t a nurse or doctor we usually thought it was weird but since Covid hit, wearing a mask now doesn't make you weird or suspicious in any way. Not only do you not look weird but you also get to keep the people around you safe by not contaminating them when you cough, sneeze, or simply speak.

  • Don’t go crazy when it comes to food, water, or TOILET PAPER: When there is a rumor of a pandemic, yes it gets scary but don't go out and start buying everything from the stores. Leave some for the people who need it more. Think about others and think about how you would feel if everything you needed to SURVIVE was gone.

These are just a couple of things you could do to help and prevent a second pandemic. If you want more ideas on how you can help visit and find out.

Image Courtesy of Edward Jenner

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