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Commotion at the Race Track

Sunday morning, the Grand Prix was held in Long Beach. Many families and people from different parts of the world attended to watch the big race. However, suddenly shots rang out. Police were shot and a man was injured, causing street closures.

Fans attending the Grand Prix that day heard gunshots, and saw a commotion and then a swarm of police officers not too far from the race track. The suspected gunman was shot and injured by the police officers. Before the shooting occurred at the race track, the suspect supposedly shot and injured a police officer which led to the officer involved shooting.

Police also revealed that the shooter was involved in two other shootings earlier that day before arriving at Long Beach. The first shooting occurred around 1pm on Ocean Boulevard. The second shooting happened around 3pm. The second shooting left one person shot, but is expected to recover with non-life threatening injuries.

An officer on patrol supposedly heard the suspect near the Grand Prix. They located the gunman and shot the suspect. The suspect was shot on the upper part of his body, but he is still expected to survive. The gunman was taken into custody and is currently hospitalized to treat his wounds. Thankfully there were already police present at the Grand Prix event. They safely escorted all the fans attending to a safer location. When they captured the suspect, a firearm was recovered and thankfully, no officers were injured in the process. The body camera for this horrifying situation wasn’t recorded but the aftermath of the situation was. The recorded video is to be released to the public on the news.

The suspect was identified to be a 39-year old man named Emundo Chavarin. LBPD and officials charged him with attempted murder, possession of firearms, and parole violation. He is currently at the hospital and is receiving medical attention. No one was injured, but everyone that attended the Grand Prix will definitely remember that day.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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