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College Football Playoffs Controversy

On Sunday, December 3rd, the College Football Playoffs were selected by the committee. Only 4 teams get into the College Football Playoffs each year. The four chosen for 2023 were the Michigan Wolverines, Washington Huskies, Texas Longhorns, and the Alabama Crimson Tide. 

The Michigan Wolverines went 13-0, so did the Washington Huskies; the Crimson Tide and Longhorns both went 12-1. The controversy comes about when the undefeated (13-0) Florida State Seminoles (FSU) get left out of the college football playoffs by the committee leading to Alabama taking the 4th spot. Many believed that FSU should have gotten in over Alabama, but the committee thought otherwise.

Experts and fans are looking into the situation and believe that they chose Alabama over FSU since Florida’s star quarterback, Jordan Travis, suffered a broken leg injury late in the season. His injury led to a lower performance in the team as he was a key player. The committee wants the CFP to be entertaining to watch, therefore, they chose Alabama since FSU without Jordan Travis isn’t as entertaining to watch.

According to Heather Dinich of ESPN, “The group grew concerned as it watched the Noles struggle to get a first down in the first half [of the ACC Championship]. There is a section on the committee’s protocol that specifically refers to the “unavailability of key players…that may have affected a team’s performance during the season or likely will affect its postseason performance’”. This is basically stating that if the committee feels that FSU play will be affected by their “unavailability of a key player”, they should not be selected to go to the College Football Playoffs.

Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida, wants FSU to sue the committee over this “Snub”. As stated in the ESPN Article titled Ron DeSantis slams CFP, wants to sue over Florida State snub, “DeSantis…said he is asking for $1 million to let Florida State sue the CFP committee…” In my opinion, suing the CFP committee is not a good idea since the committee made their decision with Alabama. So how would they get rid of that choice now? I also think that they were right to choose Alabama over FSU because of how poorly FSU did in their win over Louisville. Without Jordan Travis, the FSU team was not the same.

Lately, Alabama has been fun to watch and is on an 11 game winning streak, with a win over reigning National Champions and former #1 team: The Georgia Bulldogs, LSU, Auburn, and some other teams as well.

The College football playoffs will start on January 1st, 2024, with Alabama facing Michigan in the Rose Bowl and Washington facing Texas in the Sugar bowl just under 4 hours later. Then a week later, on January 8th, in Houston, Texas, the CFP National Championship game will be played between the winners of the Rose and Sugar Bowls.

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