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Coachella’s Headliner: Frank Ocean

Christopher Edwin Breax, otherwise known as Frank Ocean, is a famous songwriter and rapper in America. Ocean began to ghostwrite for other artists before debuting in Odd Future’s collective in 2010. His most popular song, “Thinkin Bout You” off the “Channel Orange” album, was on Billboard Music Award for Top R&B Song in 2013. Many of Frank Ocean’s fans admire his expansive forms of lyrics that allow vulnerability without the fear of being considered weak. More so, fans continue to stay optimistic since Ocean has not released any new music since his “Blonde” album drop in 2016.

Originally Frank Ocean was supposed to perform at Coachella in 2020, but due to the Covid outbreak restrictions made it impossible. Now that restrictions have been lifted the festival is scheduled for April 14th until the 23rd. General tickets for a three day admission is over $600, whereas a VIP ticket can range anywhere from $1,000. A popular question that emerges from a lot of fans is whether or not it really is worth spending that much to see him. Several artists are also going to perform the same day Frank Ocean is, with that being said the majority of the audience will not get a chance to see a full set of his. This might come across as upsetting to some, but usually headliners do not perform until much later hours. Ocean has not spoken out publicly about going on stage and it has been causing some speculation on the internet. A popular joke amongst the community is that “Does Frank even know he is performing at Coachella”?

Frank Ocean is known for maintaining a private life, unlike many other celebrities, and it drives followers into a deeper appreciation for the music he produces. I cannot speak for the rest of the fandom but the debate on whether or not to buy the tickets is a harsh one. Simply due to the fact that we will never know if this will be the last performance of Frank Ocean’s musical career. He instead seems to be more focused on his new jewelry company called “Homer”. Regardless of the future, fans will continue to stream and support old or potentially new music. This 2023 Coachella will definitely be one to remember and countless people will be amazed at Frank Ocean’s performance.

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