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Club Spotlight: Thrift Club

Thrift Club, known for its stylish clothes and cheap prices, has more to offer than you might think. Thrift Club is a club at Mayfair that sells clothes people no longer wear and offers them at prices as low as 50 cents. The club prioritizes environmental friendliness and community support; for example, they donate half of the money they make from selling clothes to charities. This semester, they plan to donate half of their earnings to help with the Maui fires that occurred months ago. The club's president is Stella Lynch, and Maritza Sanchez is the club's advisor. Mr. Suttle, a forensics teacher at Mayfair in room 205, serves as the advisor. Every Wednesday during high school lunch, the club sorts through clothes and hangs them for Thursday, when they sell the clothes during high school lunch. I interviewed Stella and Maritza to ask them questions about the Thrift Club and gain more insight into how, why, and when they started the club.

Reporter: What made you want to become the president of the Thrift Club?

Stella: "I have a passion for helping the environment and also a passion for fashion."

Reporter: Do you have any special plans for the club this year?

Stella & Maritza: Not really. Both of us just want to grow the club and have the student body appreciate it.

Reporter: Are you sad that this is your last year in the Thrift Club?

Stella and Maritza: Yes, it's a bit nerve-wracking, and it makes us reflect on what we've accomplished.

Reporter: Why did you want to be vice president?

Maritza: I felt a bit better suited as vice president, and Stella was a better fit as the president of the Thrift Club.

Reporter: What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind as you leave the Thrift Club and Mayfair?

Stella: More passion for the environment and helping the community.

Maritza: It's okay to be unique and do your own thing!

Reporter: What got you into thrifting?

Maritza: During the pandemic, the internet introduced me to thrifting, and Stella did as well.

Stella: She knew about it and how it's better for the environment and how significant the fashion pollution crisis is.

Reporter: Do you thrift outside of school, or is it a hobby?

Stella and Maritza both replied, saying they do thrift outside of school.

Reporter: How did the Thrift Club begin?

Stella and Maritza both replied, saying that they tried to join the club, but Mr. Suttle told them it was no longer a thing, so they decided to revive the club.

Reporter: Why did you join the Thrift Club?

Stella and Maritza said they both wanted to take charge of the club and bring it back.

As of now, the Thrift Club has recently received a clothes bin where you can donate your clothes, and with each donation, a tree is planted all over Africa. It's located by the STEAM building, and they encourage staff and students to contribute to the cause!

Image courtesy of Pexels.

Photo by cottonbro studio:

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