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Club Spotlight: Environmental Science Club

Environmental Science Club, also known as ESC, is a community for students that advocates for environmentalism from a school and a local level. The purpose is to participate in ecological preservation through acts of community service. Their first meeting is Friday, September 16th, and they hold meetings at least once a month on Fridays. Every Friday, they have regularly scheduled paper recycling after school in front of the tennis courts. This event allows members to gain 30 minutes of service on campus every week if they cannot attend the off-campus service events. For upcoming events, they plan on participating in monthly habitat restorations at the Los Cerritos Wetlands in addition to local cleanups. The club dues are scheduled to be collected on October 12th for $5, and these dues help the club tremendously, so it's essential that all new and returning members pay their dues on time.

The club president is Norah Lee, who's been a member for nearly three years, and shortly after, she became the historian for the 2021-2022 school year. She originally got into helping the environment through a few collective experiences. Throughout her life, she's loved nature considerably, specifically the coastal redwoods and reposeful Mojave. When she first visited the El Dorado Nature Center off the 605 freeway, she "found it bizarre that the Nature Center could preserve and take care of the land so well." She also feels that growing up in the suburbs caused her not to fully care about the environment's state until she came to the epiphany that our city is included in the grand scheme of things. From then on, her environmentalism began with introducing sustainable habits into her life and eventually expanded through ESC events.

Norah plans on getting both a bachelor's and master's degree in environmental science and gaining research experience. She wants to focus on something along the lines of conservation biology and additionally would like to continue advocating for the environment and fungi technology. She's interested in film photography, cinema/documentaries, brutalist architecture, fashion, reading classics and philosophy/ethics, environmentalism, mycology, ikebana, and botany. In her words, "You should join ESC because it's a great opportunity to become involved in the community and learn about environmental science. By volunteering, you can gain experience, meet new people, receive service hours, and, most importantly, help preserve our Earth."

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