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Chances of Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

There have been so many shows and movies such as The Walking Dead, World War Z, The Last Of US, and many more that there have been talks about the possibility of a zombie apocalypse actually happening in the real world. Although it is rare and it would take a lot for it to happen, it is possible.

Now, when it comes to a zombie apocalypse people may be telling themselves that there are no chances of survival but they’re wrong. Even if the zombies are taking over the world, there is still a possibility of surviving and being one of the last ones alive. Another thing to mention is the type of zombies you get. If they are like the zombies from The Walking Dead then honestly there is a 70% chance of you surviving as long as you have water, food, and some type of knife so that you can stab them in the head (which officially kills them). There is a 15% chance of you dying to these types of zombies in events where they catch you by surprise or if there are too many of them and you are caught at a dead end. The other 15% is from people who have also survived. It is good to have a group but make sure you know who to trust because people are crazy and will just start killing no matter what it is.

Secondly, if the zombies are like the ones from World War Z , all I have to say to you is GOOD LUCK. These zombies are fast, they run and are smart. You may think “oh let’s just build a wall and that will keep them out,” you’re wrong. These zombies will climb on themselves no matter how tall that wall is and get over. Chance of survival just with you as a normal healthy human being is around 40%. Now there is a way to survive when it comes to these zombies but it can also be risky, depending on your body. These zombies only go after healthy people so if a person with a severe sickness or illness walks by, the zombie just ignores them. Just get yourself sick like the main character in the movie did and you will be fine.

Overall, all you need to survive a zombie apocalypse is a type of knife, food, water, people you trust, and possibly an illness that can protect you. Make sure you have all these things and you will most likely survive. It might not be the perfect life but hey, it sure is better than being dead.

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