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Car Chase Suspect Stops for Students

On March 3, 2023 Mayfair students, staff, and families had their seemingly normal Friday interrupted when a car chase passed by the school’s campus. A truck was being pursued by multiple police cars and helicopters as he sped to a stop at the Allington and Woodruff intersection at the front of the school a few minutes after the end of school bell rang. Students who were attempting to leave the campus and go home were severely frightened by this scene, as police were frantically trying to keep them out of harm’s way. The driver, later discovered by Monsoons via various news sources to be armed, stopped briefly to allow the mass waves of students to cross the street safely. Police vehicles tentatively closed in on the suspect, wary of the students well being, but ultimately did not capture him at this stop. The truck continued driving once the cross walk was clear and the chase continued.

This event was well contained enough that students on the far sides of campus simply saw numerous law enforcement vehicles gather near their school and leave quickly after. Athletes on the back fields remember pausing their workouts in order to watch helicopters fly in towards campus, circle low and slowly enough for one to realize that the event was happening near the school grounds, and leave soon after their realization.

According to FoxLA, the chase began in Riverside after a carjacking. It reached parts of San Bernardino, Orange and Los Angeles County before ending after the suspect was placed in handcuffs, but not without letting off gunshots throughout the chase. The Mayfair community was blessed to be physically untouched, despite the emotional wounds that fear may have caused to some residents.

Photo courtesy of SkyFOX

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