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Book Review: Where It Ends

The book “This Is Where It Ends” is a young adult thriller and mystery. It also ranges with controversial topics like being part of the LGBTQ+ community, death, and school shootings. Although the topics are very heavy it's an amazing read that is able to represent and tell an amazing story that brings more love to these topics. I genuinely liked this book and it triggered emotion and gasps from me. I definitely rate this book a 4 out of 5 stars.

Now onto actually discussing the book and its content. SPOILER WARNING!!!

The book starts off with a brief intro of all the characters with a different chapter for each character including info on the shooter. In the intros we also get a hint of a secret that has happened but isn't revealed completely, the reader just knows something happened between two of the characters. After the intros, the book transforms into a fast paced revelation of information that has your eyes reading for more. 

The fast paced nature definitely makes the storyline splotchy in a few places and confusing, especially since there are so many different perspectives after every couple minutes. But it gets the point across and makes the book so much deeper, realistic and relatable. Also the detail in the gym scenes and every part with the students and the shooter is so intense and truly makes you hooked.

It's a little too detailed and definitely warning for any gore and mention of threats, suicide and killing. However, if you can move past that, definitely try to read it because it truly is a book that is relevant now more than ever, sadly. As shootings in the US are happening more than ever and it's good to educate yourself with the true stories and other fictional work that is based on these issues.

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