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Black Friday Outrage

Did you like the Black Friday Deals? Was it even worth it? Was this year's sales worth waiting in line for?

Dear fellow readers,

For a second I thought I was the only one who noticed the atrocity of Black Friday Deals. Let me tell you the deals this year were terrible! Around the year of 2014, I would camp outside stores for Black Friday deals because there would be 50-70% off of almost everything. Of course, there are certain items that were not a part of the sale which is completely understandable. Even then, the sales were good and actually worth the wait.
This year, the discounts were “buy one, get one half off” or sometimes it wasn't even half, but rather came with a measly 20% discount. Cyber Monday did have better discounts and sales, but it didn't catch my attention. For example, Best Buy had amazing deals on electronics such as $79.99 on a tablet while its regular price was $129.99. This year, mostly everything was regular, which is ridiculous. I went to buy clothes at the mall and only bought one or two things. Back then, I would come out of the mall with like five bags full of clothes. Shoe prices had no difference from its regular price; it would have around $10 off, which honestly makes no difference once you add taxes at the register.
Overall, I was disappointed and upset that there weren't any good sales because I honestly needed new clothes, but couldn’t buy anything worthwhile. Personally, as a teen, I felt like all the clothes are overpriced and should have better discounts when it comes to Black Friday. For example, jeans are around $59.99 for just one pair! I don’t think jeans should be that expensive, of course, it depends on the brand, but even then jeans are still unreasonably expensive. It’s honestly just ridiculous and extremely annoying. It needs to get better, and ASAP!
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