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Dear Margot: In or Out of State College?

Dear Margot,

“Should I stay here for college or should I go out of state?”

Dear Monsoon,

Making a decision such as deciding where to eat can be difficult for many. Deciding where to go to college is even more difficult. But it is vital to take into consideration many aspects. Including, the location, the price, how far away from home and many other things. Assuming you have spent your whole life in just one state, going out of state for college would be a wonderful experience, especially at such a young age. It gives you an opportunity to explore and venture out to a different part of the world, making new friends, and adjusting to the environment. All while getting an education at a college! You get to have a whole other life, creating memories you will never forget. It doesn’t hurt to take a leap of faith and trust your gut. If your heart is here in California, then by all means stay! However, if just one bit of you wants to go and take that risk, risk it! It will never hurt to try something new, and who knows you may end up loving it so much that you stay there for the rest of your life. It can be an amazing opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and embrace new experiences. I have trust and faith in you Monsoon! Make the decision that feels right for you and your heart. Always trust your gut!

Cover photo credits from Early Childhood Blog

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