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Dear Margot: College Decisions

Dear Margot…

I’m so stressed about my college decisions, what should I do to not be as stressed?

Dear Individual…

I apologize for your issue and I thank you for bringing it forward. Thinking about plans can be quite the stressor so I understand the unpleasantness. College is a big commitment and can shape the way your life can go so naturally, making that decision is going to be difficult for some. Attending college not only requires responsibility but also sacrifice. However, there are methods to coping and dealing with the stress of making these big decisions. 

If you are looking to take your mind off the ordeal entirely, then locking in on your life in the moment can be a way. We can sometimes forget that the stress we’re feeling won’t last forever and that life is longer than we think. Meaning that there is still time to think and that forcing yourself to make the decision quickly and in a hurry can easily result in making the poorer decision. So for now let your mind be at ease, remembering that when the time comes you will be ready to make the decision. Sometimes, when you’re stuck making a hard decision, your brain will just decide to take itself out of the situation, storing the worry in the back of your mind. Occasionally, taking a break from the subject can help you take a step back and see the bigger picture. I suggest that in whatever spare time you have, focus on things you genuinely enjoy and that do the opposite of stress you. You have control over the things you spend your time thinking about, you just need to grasp it.

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