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Binded Together Forever Pt 2

“Briana, you deserve so much better. You shouldn't be with someone like her; she can be manipulative. You can never see that. You are too naive and gullible. It really is a shame.”

Briana woke up feeling a little groggy and confused about what the dream was about. She had been having that same dream for a while now, but everything was quite a blur. Briana was slightly concerned and wondered whether to tell someone. She looked up at the clock on the wall and was in shock; she had slept for three hours straight, and school was over. She wondered why no one had woken her up. Briana looked around the library to see if anyone was around, but surprisingly, it was empty. This seemed completely strange; usually, the librarian stayed a little after school. Briana shrugged it off and thought it would be best to go home; she didn't want to worry her mother.

Little did she know, when she opened the doors to leave the library, there was dried blood splattered everywhere, and little drops of blood fell from the ceiling. All different types of limbs and organs were attached to the walls and floor. Briana was shocked and filled with terror. She fell to her knees and couldn't breathe. She wouldn't budge, talk, or scream; she froze in terror. Then, Briana felt something cold crawling on her leg. She slowly moved her head in the direction of the touch. She howled at the mere sight; it was a dismembered hand caressing her and gripping her with such force. She felt as if her skin was about to tear off her body. Briana tried as hard as she could to tear the hand away from her, but it was no use. Many other hands grasped her arms and legs. Briana tried to run away from these monstrosities, but with every moment, she felt more and more weight being put on her. In the end, she ended up being pinned to the floor. Briana screamed and screamed, but there was only silence, with the echoes of her screams following her. Soon, one of the hands covered her mouth. Later, a dark figure appeared in front of Briana at a slow pace. They stopped right in front of her and squatted down in front of her, whispering,

“Don't you see? This is what makes me happy! Most of all, it makes you happy.”

Briana muffled in defiance and felt herself almost at the brink of tears; she couldn't believe her eyes.

“Why are you crying? Let me guess, you think that all these people are innocent? Well, you are absolutely wrong! All of these hands crawling around your pathetic body happen to be all the people who doubted you or used you for their own gain!” The figure yelled.

“For example, the hand that is currently covering your loud mouth! That’s the girl who never returned your favorite Hello Kitty pen! Then, she pretended that she never took it in the first place. Also, don’t you remember when that guy stole all the progress on a project you worked so hard on?”

Briana couldn't believe what the shadow was saying. Sure, she never liked what others tried to do to her, but she felt like she was in a safe place at the moment with her friend, Jessie. The figure gave her an inquiring look and then a mischievous smirk.

“Let me guess, you are thinking about that one stupid girl. She’s a total fake and actually doesn't care about you. How the hell do you not realize you've been used over and over again?”

Briana jolted at the roar of the shadow figure, then they sighed.

“Look, kid, I don't have much time. So, let me keep it straightforward. I want you to stay away from people who can hurt you, or else I will slaughter those who get in your way. Till we meet again.”

The figure skipped away as if it were a child. Briana tried to get up again, but the weight of the hands was still too much. She wanted to know who that is and why its intentions were to hurt people. There were billions of questions going through her mind. Then, she felt a sudden sharp pain all over her; the hand actually started to dig its nails into her skin. It was unbearable, and she felt her eyes go bloodshot red. The next thing she knew, she heard a huge thud.

“Honey, are you okay? Open your eyes, please,” whispered a sweet voice. Briana woke up, sweating and shivering as if it were the coldest winter's day. Briana looked around with many eyes on her. They stared in confusion, making her feel slightly embarrassed.

“Young lady, you gave me quite a scare; are you alright?” asked the librarian.

Briana's eyes widened and she looked at the librarian, still with much fright.

“Oh yes, I just had quite a horrible... nightmare,” Briana muttered.

“Okay, sweetheart, but keep it down for the others, please. The others are trying to study for their exams.”

“I understand,” Briana whispered under her breath. The librarian walked back to her desk at a steady pace. Meanwhile, Briana was still feeling extreme horror. She was contemplating whether it was real. Surely, it must have been a dream because she had just woken up. But there must be a deeper meaning to the dream, right?

Image courtesy of Pexels.

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