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Beyond The Reasons: 13 Reasons Why

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

The show 13 Reasons Why came out in 2017 and ran until 2020, finishing with a total of 4 seasons. Throughout its short streaming time, it had a great multitude of lessons to teach us. Personally, what I like about the show is that the crew set up a website where you can actually reach out to get help and information about any mental health struggles you may be having; additionally, I love that before every episode, each actor gives a warning of what you should expect to be displayed in the scenes that are about to play.

Some clips of the show have been cut short or removed due to the serious nature of them, but despite this, I believe the show didn’t deserve the negative feedback it got because there were warnings before and after the show came out. While what happened to the young girl who was said to have been “influenced” by the show is sad, I believe that she would have made her choice even without watching the show.

Additionally, while I also watched the show at a young age, I was able to handle the content because I believe that the show handles real life situations well and depicts them in a serious way that deserves to be maturely discussed. I think people can get a lot from this show, such as learning to speak up if they see or experience something to someone they can trust. The show also sheds light on the fact that you really don’t know what others are dealing with and what could be going on inside their personal lives.

Like the scene in the show, there are multiple sides to every story and everyone’s perspective deserves to be heard. Even though there is support for those who need assistance after watching the show, I feel that those who believe they would be able to stomach it should watch it. I have my personal struggles too, but I believe the show shouldn’t be considered a joke, canceled or talked about in a secretive manner. The crew should get the attention and recognition they deserve for their ability to get their message across exactly as they intended, while still making the show enjoyable.

Courtesy of Netflix

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