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Beabadoobee’s New Album; Beatopia

Beabadoobee, also known as Beatrice Kristi Laus, dropped her 7th album, ‘Beatopia’. Beatopia was a seed that was planted in her previous album "Fake It Flowers". Instead of a plant sprouting, the entire album resembles an occupant of a new fantasy world that Bea imagined when she was just seven to keep herself occupied while in a white dominated classroom. The cover for this album was illustrated by Bea herself. It was used to visualize Beatopia but was taken by her teacher and mocked in front of her classmates. She then erases the entire concept of her world Beatopia but then brings it back by creating this wonderful album. The 14 song album is a story of her love song to herself when she was seven, having that taken away by her terrible teacher and white classmates. Her angelic voice with mellow beats fits perfectly in this album, as well as her other albums.

Her song “the perfect pair” is about a story of love and loss in a relationship. The song shows us that relationships are not always perfect, there are times that there will be arguing and disagreements. This song isn’t like any other songs from her previous albums. This song is way more different than her other songs with an upbeat vibe. She says that by singing this song, she explored what her voice was capable of.

Another song in her album, “Sunny Day” has a summery feel with a touch of R&B. Bea wanted to achieve a song that would stick to your head for days and days. The lyrics to this song are quite fun to listen to. The song certainly sticks in your head for a few days because of how catchy, and playful it is. The story of this song is about Bea reconnecting with her friends after a long period of rainy weather. Before putting this into her album, Bea was quite nervous because she has never done this type of song before. But putting it on Beatopia was clearly a good choice, and it deserves more recognition.

Beabadoobee, is very inspiring to many people in the world, especially Filipinos. From quiet to loud outgoing people, she has made a huge impact. She has many songs that are absolutely amazing. There are many stories about her songs and many of them are relatable. Bea talks about different relationships between people, and many certainly could relate. She appeals to many. Beabadoobee is the best artist and by far one of my favorites. Overall, I give this whole album a good 10/10, as it was very relatable to what I go through as well. You guys should definitely listen to this album, and maybe you’ll even get into her music!

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