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Back to School Night

Mayfair just hosted its annual “Back to School Night” this past Wednesday, August 29th, to invite returning and new Monsoon students, families, alumni and friends to come roam the campus and hear all about classes being offered throughout the 2023-2024 school year. It was a huge success that had an amazing turnout from families and students of all ages.

The evening kicked off with performances from our very own band and alongside our color-guard team in front of the STEAM building to create a lively environment to walk into. Off to both sides of the building, multiple clubs and school related vendors had tents outside advertising snacks, beverages, membership sign ups and Mayfair merchandise all throughout the night to help support our amazing Monsoon community within the school.

Following the musical performance, we heard from Mayfair’s PTSA to help put acts into motion that would help grant money towards Mayfair’s bright future this upcoming school year. We also heard from our lovely principal, Mr. Diaz, who gave an introduction speech before the classroom rotations to guide parents through the night and gave his thanks to the mass of people who had showed up to the event.

Classroom rotations began at 6:15, where parents were traveling through their students' day in short 8 minute periods and 6 minute passing periods. Because of the new block schedule adding 2 extra classes, administrators were forced to cut 2 minutes off of classroom presentations. The shorter rotations had many teachers stressing out to get all of their information out to parents, but ultimately presentations were very well given and helped give proper information to parents about their students' school year.

Overall, our Back to School Night was a wonderful kickoff to our school year and full of Monsoon spirit. We cannot wait to see what this year has in store for students, teachers, and families in the near future!

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