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Atomic Habits by James Clear: a Review

Updated: Feb 16, 2023


"Positive emotions cultivate habits. Negative emotions destroy them."

Prolific author James Clear illustrates an easy-to-understand yet complex way to stick to beneficial routines in his novel Atomic Habits. With many interesting anecdotes, thoughtful interviews, and mindful quotes, he illustrates an inspiring bout of motivation for the reader. This book helped me to see the errors in my bad habits, such as overeating, nail-biting, and scrolling for hours on social media. Not only could I see the bad behavior, but by reading up on why it exists, I can fix it. He introduces a plethora of concepts to help the reader with their ruts, frustrations, and burnouts.

By using the laws of making a good habit and breaking a bad habit, James Clear lets the reader adapt their lifestyle to his suggestive ideals. He, a specialist in habit development, offers helpful advice on how to create positive habits, break negative ones, and master the minute actions that produce extraordinary effects. He argues that big goals shouldn't be the main focus in life, but rather the habits and attitudes that lead up to them. A wonderful book that demonstrates how making tiny (atomic) adjustments to one's everyday routine can eventually produce extraordinary outcomes. James Clear discusses forefront subjects in human behavioral psychology and neurology and is able to clearly explain how human behaviors function. Clear explores in detail how and why we develop particular routines and patterns in our own lives.

Oftentimes, we mistakenly believe that in order to make any meaningful life changes, we must first perform extraordinary feats of daring or achievement. This is the opposite of Clear's teachings. He insists upon small changes that lead to big developments, thus the word "Atomic" earning its spot in the title.

With his advice in mind, I suggest that you obsess over the process, rather than the progress.

Courtesy of James Clear

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