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An Interview with Assistant Principal Shylee Johnson

This is an interview with our new Assistant Principal Shylee Johnson. She recently transferred to Mayfair High School this August. She can not wait to start the school year off and let the rest of Monsoons learn more about herself. She wants to strengthen her bonds within the Mayfair community.

What is your favorite color?

Johnson explained how her all time favorite color is pink because it embraces her feminine side.

What is your favorite animal?

Johnson’s favorite animal happens to be a dog, even though she owns no pets of her own. If she were looking for a furry friend she would have considered a dog, although it is a “major responsibility”.

What was a valuable lesson someone has taught you in life?

Throughout life one valuable lesson that stuck with Johnson was to “never assume”.

What college did you attend? What was your major in college?

Johnson attended Cal State Bakersfield but before went to Bakersfield High. She was the class of 1993. Johnson actually has her bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and her masters degree in Counseling.

What is your goal as assistant principal at Mayfair High School?

Her ultimate goal here at Mayfair is to “strengthen our community”.

What are some challenges you face while working with children?

Surprisingly, Johnson struggled to find a challenge while working with kids from all sorts of different backgrounds.

How long have you been working in the education system? How has this shaped you for who you are now?

Assistant Principal Johnson has been in the education system for about 15 years. She explained how working with children has taught her to be an overall patient individual. Johnson also saw a vast improvement in her communication skills.

Why have you chosen this field of work? What new things should we expect from you now that you have this role?

Johnson decided to work in this field because, “I did not have anyone in highschool to relate to,” so, making others feel included is important to her. Johnson now wants to be able to relate to students here at Mayfair.

What is the highlight of your job?

The highlight of Johnson’s job here at Mayfair is “Working with children!”

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